Fun activities for you and your children

Lasergame A GoGo Valkenburg

A dark underground area, mysterious shadows, amazing smoke and light effects, ominous sounds, and armed opponents.

Armed with an ultra modern laser gun and vest you will enter a by blacklight and discolight lit cave in search of the opponent. But be wary, opponents may have laid an ambush! Lasergame in the caves of Valkenburg is unique, because it is the only place in the Netherlands where you can play this exciting game in an underground area. Anyone who has ever played here is ecstatic!
Before you enter the Lasergame arena you get a thorough instruction from a professional instructor. Each participant then gets a high-tech laser vest with an ultra modern laser gun. Special mines are enabled to give you extra points, functions, or other mysterious extras. So be on red alert! After the game, each team receives a score form. 

Polfermolen - free entrance

The Polfermolen in Valkenburg is the place where anything goes. You will find swimming pools, state of the art gym, sauna, sports hall, theater, pub, sports bar and many more. In our multi-purpose center, everyone, young or old, individually or in groups, can enjoy a sporting effort or a invigorating relaxation .

As a guest of Hotel Schaepkens van St. Fyt you have free entrance to the Polfermolen.

Fun Park De Valkenier 

Amusement park De Valkenier offers all-round entertainment for visitors of all ages! This fun amusement park is the oldest family park in the Netherlands and offers the lowest prices in all of Europe! At De Valkenier you won't spend a minute wondering what to do next! The amusement park has more than 25 attractions, both indoors and outdoors. Rain or shine: De Valkenier never disappoints!

Chairlift & Toboggan Valkenburg



Use the chairlift to enjoy a beautiful view over Valkenburg! The chairlift takes you from the valley station up to the 68 meters higher situated Wilhelmina tower. Here you will find the café and restaurant with it’s cozy terrace and of course the toboggan. The entrance ticket of the chairlift gives the right to return with the chairlift and if you want you can climb the Wilhelmina tower. In Short; a ride with the chairlift is an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Toboggan Run

Experience the thrill of a roller coaster with the speed of a bobsled on our 375 and 325 meters long toboggan runs. Choose your own speed with  the brake, and slide down the mountain. Fully automatical, the drag lift is in charge to carry you upwards to the starting point. The toboggan runs are an attraction for young and old. Also ideal for companies, schools, sports clubs and family groups.

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The Dutch zoo was elected 'Coolest Trip of the Netherlands' in 2013 thanks to a new and unique zoo concept.

In GaiaZOO you can make a journey around the world in just one day; you can feel like you’re on the African Savannah and meet the world’s most beautiful animals eye to eye, like the mighty gorillas, impressive rhinos, stately giraffes, lightning-fast cheetahs and the kings of the animals; the impressive lions. In Rainforest you discover all sorts of swinging and climbing monkeys; in the squirrel monkey forest, the monkeys climb through the branches above your head.

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